Asset Master Data Services: Build BOMs and Cleanse Material Master

Asset Master Data Services

Asset intensive organizations rely on accurate and consistent master data for their assets in order to efficiently operate.  By doing so, they are able to quickly identify parts for maintenance, understand parts usage for reliability, and set correct min/max levels for supply chain.

Many times, organizations will implement projects using existing personnel to build and cleanse their asset information.  This often provides poor execution on projects because it is not the specialty of these employees, it becomes a burden, and projects are often abandoned before completion.

Successful organizations, such as Coca-Cola, Newmont Mining, and PhilipMorris, have instead turned to Metanoia for Asset Master Data Services.  Metanoia builds interactive bills of materials (BOMs) by aligning OEM parts books with their existing material master.  This produces high quality BOMs, with a framework to further cleanse the material master.

OEM Bills of Materials

Metanoia collects OEM Parts Books from customers and builds complete Bills of Materials for respective assets by using the hierarchy found in the table of contents.  Each component will have a complete parts list linked to an interactive schematic for the breakout of the component itself.

This produces OEM BOMs and serves as the foundation to building robust Bills of Materials.

Align Material Master to OEM BOMs

Once the OEM BOMs have been built, Metanoia undergoes a process to align the Material Master to parts found on the BOMs.  These activations tie together OEM information with data coming from the CMMS and allows for easy identification of things like: Stock on hand, warehousing information, alternate parts, supersessions, and more.  The process typically involves 3 stages:

Auto SKU-Matching

Metanoia’s services team will take an export of the Material Master from the CMMS and align all parts with identical parts numbers.

  • Example: Identical Match
  • OEM Part Number: 1010495-19
  • CMMS Part Number: 1010495-19

Intelligent SKU-Matching

Metanoia leverages Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning to provide possible matches with varying degrees of certainty.  All recommended matches can be approved on a bulk or line-by-line basis.

  • Example: 98% Match Probability
  • OEM Part Number: 1010495-19
  • CMMS Part Number: 1010495_19

Manual SKU-Matching

AIC is purpose built for Asset Information Management and provides seamless methods to update missing information or correct misinformation for Asset Master Data Services.  This facilitates continuous improvement processes built in to the flow daily tasks.

  • Example: Material ID created in CMMS
  • OEM Part Number: 1010495-19
  • CMMS Part Number: None

Cleanse Material Master

Many projects to cleanse the material master start with the material master itself as the foundation.  While this seems to be a logical process, it actually proves to be difficult due to issues like, duplicate parts, obsolete parts, and free-text purchases.

Metanoia suggests starting with the what you have on the floor, not the spaghetti mess in the CMMS, by using the OEM BOMs.  After undergoing the SKU-Matching exercise, companies will have a list of items in the material master that do not have an associated part number.  This provides a foundation for an exercise to go through and find out why there is not match.  During this process, Metanoia will help significantly reduce inventory while improving the asset data itself.


In conclusion, Metanoia recommends organizations start by building OEM BOMs, aligning them to their Material Master, then cleansing the material master by finding holes when companies undergo asset master data services projects.

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