Knowledge Transfer for Maintenance

Knowledge Transfer within the maintenance process will prove paramount for operators in years to come.  Rather recording detailed procedures and notes for repair and maintenance activities, many of us have relied on our local maintenance expert, say “Bob.”  While Bob seems to have the answers for everything (where to find parts, how to fix them and what to look out for), relying on individuals, rather than systems, to transfer important knowledge exposes operators to massive risk.

Baby Boomers are retiring in droves – over 10,000 every day to be exact.  Bob will not be here forever, and his replacements will need access to his know-how in order to maintain maintenance productivity.  So, operators who plan for the impending wave of tech-savy maintenance technicians will be uniquely positioned to not only minimize productivity losses, but enhance their capabilities in the process.

It’s imperative for operators to record notes for the maintenance process, but often times difficulty accessing and maintaining those notes prevents them from being widely adopted or even useful.  AIC lets operators associate notes and asset documentation to project workflows, assets or even individual parts.  This empowers their technicians with the ability to access Bob’s notes directly from the maintenance flow; while selecting parts and creating work orders.