What is an Interactive Parts Catalog?

What is an Interactive Parts Catalog?

Interactive Parts Catalogs (IPCs) streamline the maintenance process by making parts information and associated documents easily accessible and actionable on any device.  Formerly known as Electronic Parts Catalogs, IPCs improve functionality of static parts manuals by creating interactive links between visual parts and their associated parts list.

Find Parts Information

Operators who use electronic parts catalogs or paper parts catalogs are burdened by the numerous steps of the maintenance process:

  • Identify and record the broken part
  • Navigate to the maintenance library
  • Search for the part book
  • Scan for the part and part number
  • Find part number in ERP
  • Create work order

These steps drastically delay the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) of assets and inherently lower the overall productivity of facilities.

Interactive Part Catalogs remove those burdensome steps of the maintenance process altogether.  AIC empowers technicians with the ability to find parts and populate Work Orders 3x faster.  A day in the life of an AIC user provides an easier, faster and more accurate set of steps for the maintenance process:

  • Find the broken part
  • Search for part, part number or asset name on AIC
  • Click on the part(s) to add it to a Work Order

This 70% reduction in the time it takes to find a part and populate Work Orders lets technicians get their hands back on their tools in record time.


Accessibility and Mobility

Often times, technicians are required to navigate through a variety of systems and processes when working on equipment.  Jumping around from paper documents to ERP, DMS, and Standards Data will stall the maintenance process and is, quite frankly, annoying.

Get all the information you need, from any source, on any device.

AIC is the perfect user interface for technicians who need to access to information on varying systems.  Start with a Google-like search to find equipment and parts information.  Then, use our web-based interface to pull in structured data from any other system.  Finally, create pick lists and populate detailed Work Orders without ever leaving the screen.

Easy access to omnichannel data will get a technician’s hands on the tools, and repair the machine faster and more effectively.


Data Quality

In addition to slower repair time and quality, physical management of parts books and asset information opens Operators to the risk of poor data quality.  Accurate and up-to-date information becomes a huge challenge when growing facilities manage unstructured data, from many sources, with no standard format.

AIC unifies data from the Material Master, ISO Standards, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), so all actionable data is completely accurate.  It eliminates incorrect and outdated information by overlaying correct data for the work order.

Interactive Parts Catalogs provide centralized view, which ensures accurate and up-to-date information, will reduce errors and speed up repair time of equipment.

Clients such as Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds and GoldCorp agree that AIC improves maintenance by finding parts faster, accessing associated information from any source on any device, and improving data quality.