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AIC transforms the way Operators create, manage, and access asset information.  With any device, users quickly identify parts and accurately submit them to Work Orders and Tasks, with the ability to access any documentation they need along the way.

To make this happen, Metanoia's world-class services team creates Interactive Bills of Materials (BOMs) from static parts catalogs for any type of asset.  This improves and revamps the asset data itself by creating BOMs linked to visual diagrams, and provides the organization with an easy path towards ISO 55,001 Section 7.5 certification.


Click through Interactive BOMs or use advanced Google-like search to identify parts, associated documents, and real-time ERP information (stock on hand, warehouse location, price, etc.)

AIC's open-API architecture allows for easy integration with your existing business systems (ERP, EAM/CMMS, DMS, CMS, dealer portals, etc.) and can syndicate the content to users on any device, both online and offline.


Improve parts information and optimize various processes with a system purpose-built for Asset Information Management.

The combination of AIC and Metanoia's asset data services help operators with the following:

  • Reduce inventory by 10%, while improving min/max levels
  • Identify and send parts info to ERP/CMMS 80% faster
  • Drastically reduce Mean Time To Repair
  • Gain location-based reliability insights


Create Feedback Loops, Smart Processes, and improved information handover to ensure asset data is always accurate and up to date.

AIC is purpose-built for Asset Information Management and offers many ways to automate or streamline the management of asset data.  This, when coupled with Metanoia's services on retainer, transforms the way operators manage and trust their data.




Metanoia's world-class service team will create Interactive BOMs from parts catalogs.  Metanoia also creates customized processes to automate catalog creation from CAD files and other sources.


AIC's open-API architecture allows for easy integration with various systems.  This empowers customers with the ability to pull and push rich information, from a variety of locations, into a centralized interface.


AIC is purpose-built for Asset Information Management and makes otherwise redundant processes quite seamless.  Users leverage its ability to easily update Global OR Local information, track supersessions, access real-time ERP information, and more.


We Do It All

Metanoia Interactive Parts catalog services software content conversion

We Do It All

Metanoia provides robust software and an extensive range of services to offer a complete end-to-end turnkey solution.  No other company in the world offers the development, implementation, services, and training to fully migrate a business from static to interactive access to parts information.

Interactive Parts Catalog


Interactive Parts Catalog

Graphically identify parts, check their stock on hand, and easily populate Work Orders.

AIC serves as a single point of reference for stocked and non-stocked items, which can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer.

Visual and Google-like Search


Visual and Google-like Search

Drill down through process flow diagrams or use a Google-like search to identify any piece of equipment, assembly or part.

Our Smart Search allows users to easily find equipment with limited information, which gets displayed at lightning speed.

Access Technical Documents

AIC Docs omni-channel Documents SAP

Access Technical Documents

AIC Docs provides a single point of access for all the technical documentation (procedures, data sheets, OEM manuals, diagrams, etc.).

Users can access documents from any Document Management System (such as Sharepoint or Documentum), File Server or online source which relate to specific equipment, assemblies, or parts.

EAM Agnostic

AIC EAM Agnostic

EAM Agnostic

Using an open Application Programming Interface (API), AIC can be configured to integrate with any EAM, such as Oracle EAM, IBM Maximo, SAP, JDE, Fiix, Cogep or OSSuite.

AIC can also bridge the gap between siloed EAM databases, by providing users with a single view of asset and parts information from any source.