Increase Maintenance Productivity

For asset-intensive organizations, Maintenance programs are among the most critical aspect of their operation.  Not only do technicians repair broken machines, but they also employ teams of planners to streamline the process and proactively keep production churning.  Through our 16 years of work with Maintenance teams, our clients have saved millions of dollars by increasing repair velocity and creating smart processes with our flagship product, AIC.



You get a call.  A machine is down.  Ready… GO!

What do you do?  Most likely, you’ll jump in your truck, head over to the broken asset, put on your detective hat and find what’s wrong.  After doing some digging, you find a broken part and quickly need a replacement.

What do you have to do to find the part number, create a work order, and get your hand back on your tools?

Many technicians are required to take a picture or remove the part and bring it to their office.  After getting back in the truck, driving to the office, they have to put the detective hat back on and rifle through piles of parts books to locate the Part ID Number.  From there, they can record the part number, open up the ERP, manually type it in, and create a work order.

Asset Information Center allows maintenance technicians to do these tasks in a fraction of the time.  With the solution, they’re able to punch out from a Work Order into a fully Interactive Part Catalog to find parts information. This rich environment lets them drill down through equipment and assemblies to quickly find the right part.  From there, they can easily create a pick list of any part(s) they need and add the information to a Work Order.   AIC reduces the time it takes to do this by 70%; helping technicians get their hands on their tools and the equipment fixed in record time.



Often times, Maintenance technicians are inundated with systems and processes.  While these are meant to help support and optimize maintenance tasks, they often become burdensome because they weren’t built and implemented with users in mind.  It’s incredibly important for operators to Create Smart Processes which improve maintenance productivity.

If teams don’t fully adopt these new solutions, they will fail; it takes complete buy-in to achieve success.  We’ve found that processes which replace mundane tasks with hands-on-tool-time will not only significantly boost maintenance productivity, but also benefit technicians themselves and therefore adoption the solution itself.



AIC was built with its 3,000+ active users in mind.  Metanoia works intimately with users to analyze the processes they’ve created with the system and explore new features and functionality.  This allows AIC users to expedite routine maintenance tasks and access important reliability information to help avoid new tasks in the future.  While “Increasing Maintenance Productivity” can be acquired through a variety of methods, AIC is unquestionably the best solution to reduce time spent finding parts information.