SAP Add-on Powers Graphical Selection of Spare Parts

“AIC is an SAP add-on, requiring no ABAP integration, which provides a graphical environment to manage and search parts information from any device.”


What would it mean to your business if you could reduce the time it takes to add parts information into SAP work orders by 70%?  Well, for one of our clients, it means boosting productivity by over $500k in a fiscal year.

Maintenance departments are familiar with the tedious process of searching and finding the parts for a Work Order.  During this laborious task, every minute we spend on the computer is another minute production is halted.  This results in lost production, and even worse, stressed out bosses.  They’d be happy, however, to know that a simple SAP add-on can speed this process up by 3x while reducing errors in the process.

Most businesses rely on paper parts catalogs or PDFs from the manufacturer to find spare parts numbers.  This task requires technicians to travel to a library of equipment catalogs, find the right book, sift through it, find the part information, type it into a Work Order, and hope the ID number is recognized by the EAM/CMMS.  The results are frustration and lost Wrench Time as the assets sit idle.

Here at Metanoia, we’ve found a better way.

Our Interactive Parts Catalog, AIC, is a simple add-on to SAP which empowers technicians with a “Google-like” search for finding and populating parts information into Work Orders. Requiring no ABAP integration, users simply punch out from a Work Order, search for the machine, visually drill down through assemblies to find parts, request their stock on hand information and submit them to Work Orders.

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